Ludwig marathon stream is back: All you need to Know

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Well everyone, especially Ludwig Ahgren’s fans, remember the unique and crazy marathon stream that rose to prominence in March 2021. Good news for all as popular streamer Ludwig announces another such marathon stream this year where he targets to finish Pogostuck 3 without taking a break. Ludwig’s subathon, Twitch subathon, Youtuber Ludwig streams, Ludwig to stream Pogostuck, Ludwig back with subathon

Before switching to YouTube from Twitch last year, Ludwig had gone with a challenging stream which he named to ‘subathon’. He went for a 31 day broadcast where he streamed his entire life from gaming to sleeping to running daily errands. This subathon bought him limelight and broke his subscriber numbers on Twitch.

However, the marathon that he promises of on YouTube will be quite different where viewers won’t need a membership or pay him any money to watch him stream live. His prime goal will be to flaunt his skills in video game, by winning in Pogostuck 3 on its release date, in one sitting.

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“In the past, Pogostuck games have taken me months to beat. The first game took me 75 hours, the second game took me 55 hours ⁠— of gameplay. How do you break up 55 hours of gameplay into a stream? Even if I play 12 hours a day that’s five days of streaming in a row.” he admitted.

“I will not hit the stop streaming button until I have beaten the game. This will include, perhaps if I don’t beat it within a day, some sleep streams. Maybe we f**k around and get a modcast going on. Sh*t is about to go down”, he said with the urge to kill this upcoming challenge.

The marathon stream will start from January 15 at 12pm PT, the day Pogostuck 3 releases, lasting anywhere from a few hours to weeks. He further added, ““This is not a subathon. The stream is not contingent on you giving me money to stay up. I don’t want your money. Maybe we’ll have mediashare for the evening time, we’ll probably have movie night, but this is purely based on my gamer skill”.

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Fans are overjoyed after Ludwig’s made the announcement and can’t wait for the marathon stream to start. Well, let’s see how much of a success it turns out to be for Ludwig this time.

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