Luka Dončić: Three thoughts on historic 60-point triple-double

Three thoughts on Luka Dončić’s historic 60-point, 21-rebound triple double in a win over the Knicks…

1. There is no good strategy vs. Luka.

It was only on Christmas when I wrote that teams should try to let Luka beat them as a scorer instead of letting him pick them apart as a passer. Even if he scores 50, that’s better than Dončić finding open three-point shooter after open three-point shooter, was my thinking. Apparently I was wrong! Luka scored 60 while non-Luka Mavs still shot 40 threes, albeit not very efficiently. When the Knicks were not aggressive about sending two at Luka—opting for a lot of drop coverage—Dončić obliged by ambling to his spots and hitting shots, while also bullying his way to the free-throw line a whopping 22 times. And, of course, he still racked up 10 assists for good measure. There will be nights when there are truly no good defensive options against truly elite, incredibly rare offensive talents. Unfortunately for the Knicks, they were on the wrong end of an unstoppable performance Tuesday.


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