M4 World Championship Battle Pass and Events Schedule Revealed

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The M4 World Championship’s upcoming content has been officially announced. Data miners say that the next Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Battle Pass will come with a special skin for the world series. For players who are determined to get the best rewards, the featured skins will be the Light Chaser Beatrix M4 skin and the Prime tier Stellar Brilliance Beatrix skin. Aside from the Battle Pass, players will also enjoy Login Rewards, M4 Team Support, M4 Ranked Boost, and other events. The M4 World Championship will begin on January 1st, with the top 16 teams from around the world competing for the title of world champion.

M4 Battle Pass (20th December 2022)

An animated trailer for the upcoming M4 Battle Pass has been revealed by MLBB on its official YouTube channel. The trailer gave players a glimpse at the two new skins that can be unlocked in the upcoming Battle Pass.

The M4 Skin, Light Chaser Beatrix, and its upgraded form Stellar Brilliance, which is classified as a Prime tier skin, are shown in the trailer. The M4 Battle Pass will be available on December 20th.

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Players can obtain the two new skins by progressing through the Battle Pass. Players can also buy the Beatrix Light Chaser skin for 399 diamonds, or level up their respective battle pass to Level 75 to get the Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin. Once a player reaches Level 150, they can purchase a real-life M4 Beatrix figurine.

Event Store M4 Pass

Have you missed out on previous M1 and M2 championship rewards? Rewind time by acquiring event shop currency, which can be obtained through M4 Pass rewards or by purchasing diamonds.

M4 Battle Night Chest and Party Week (16th – 20th January 2023)

  • Celebrate the M4 World Championship grand final by completing Party Week tasks to gain experience for the M4 Battle Pass and Battle Night Chest! Players can quickly level up and gain rewards from the 16th to the 22nd of January.
  • Every day during Party Week, there will be a randomized Battle Bonus that grants users either 100% EXP / Battle Points / Star-Raising Points, Protection Points, or Team Star Protection.
  • There will be a special celebration for the winning country of the M4 World Championship, with players from the same region receiving a special champion bonus.
  • Players can choose an Epic or Legendary skin by logging into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on January 21st and upgrading their Battle Night Chest to level 5.
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M4 Team Support and Guess the Winner (20th December – 5th January 2023)

  • Vote for your favorite teams and guess the correct winning team during the M4 World Championship. Every day, players will receive a free support chance, and they can purchase additional chances to support their favorite esports team with diamonds. In addition, on the events page, there will be a special Grand Final Guess for players to guess the correct M4 World Champion.
  • The teams with the most votes will also receive the M4 Fan Choice Award and Team of the Year onsite in Jakarta on January 7th, which will be presented and awarded. UBS Gold will award 15 medals and rings to the winners.

M4 Ranked Boost (20th – 22 December 2022)

  • The M4 Banner of Morale can be purchased for only 10 diamonds and activated during Ranked Mode during the Hero Selection phase. If the match is won, they will gain more M4 Battle Pass EXP!
  • The M4 Banner of Morale can also be obtained via the M4 Battle Pass (via leveling up or purchasing), with a weekly purchase limit.

M4 Viewer Bundle

If the M4 World Championship viewership reaches certain thresholds, free rewards and codes will be distributed! Keep an eye out for the in-game code, which can be redeemed on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang code redemption page, while watching the competition online on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and other platforms.

M4 Tournament Glory

  • Witness a new chapter in MLBB Esports history as the players’ heroic feats are documented in the Tournament Glory feature!
  • Once a team’s fan level reaches 1, players will receive a special badge and avatar to display.
  • If a player supports more than one team, the team with the highest Fan Level will be displayed on the event page.

Skin Poll for M5 Battle Pass

  • Players can select the M5 Championship Skin from a pool of 30 heroes beginning January 15th! Complete event tasks to earn votes for your favorite hero.
  • The community-selected M5 Battle Pass Skin will be revealed on February 12th.
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