M4 World Championship Playoffs: Schedule, Results, and Other Details

M4 World Championship Playoffs: Schedule, Results, and Other Details

The M4 World Championship Playoffs  (also known as the Knockout) bracket has been finalized. Teams will now proceed to compete at the final stage of the tournament to determine who will be the final two teams to fight in the grand finals for a chance at winning the world championship title. The M4 World Championship Playoffs stage will start on 7th January 2023. 

All 16 teams will be equally distributed in the upper and lower bracket. The top two teams from each group from the previous stage shall compete in the upper bracket while the rest of the teams will climb their way from the lower bracket. 

A guide to the M4 World Championship Playoffs

Playoffs Bracket Schedule and Results

M4 World Championship Playoffs Bracket

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Timings are in Philippine Time (PHT).

Day 1 (7th January)

Day 2 (8th January)

Day 3 (9th January)

Day 4 (10th January)

Day 5 (11th January)

Day 6 (12th January)

Day 7 (13th January)

Day 8 (14th January)

Day 9: Grand Finals (15th January)

Prizepool Distribution and Final Ranking

The $800,000 USD prizepool are distributed to the participating teams as seen below;

Where to watch the M4 World Championship

The tournament will be broadcasted live on the following streaming platforms;

Moonton Games also partnered with one of the biggest media companies in the Philippines, ABS-CBN (Alto Broadcasting System Chronicle Broadcasting Network) to deliver .


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