Manya’s Perspective on Blind Esports’ Gameplay, and a Message to Haters and Fans

During a recent interview on the Skyesports channel, Mohammad “Manya” Raja, representing Blind Esports, shared his thoughts on various aspects of the team’s performance. The team’s exceptional track record speaks for itself, as  impressive lineup consisting of J Khush “Joker” Singh, Nakul “NakuL” Sharma, Mohammad “Manya” Raja, Manpreet “Rony” Singh, Rudra “SPower” B have maintained the lead in the Skyesports Championship Series Grand Finals (SCS) 2023 since day one. Currently, Blind Esports enjoys a substantial 43-point lead over the second-placed Team SouL as the tournament enters its third day.

Manya on  Blind Domination, SPower, and Leaves a Message for  Haters and Fans

Manya humbly dismissed the idea of Blind being known as the “dominator” in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports, emphasizing that their focus lies on their game and performance rather than claiming superiority. “We did not come up with the name. We follow our game and performance. We do not consider ourselves to be the best ones out there,” he added humbly.

One key factor contributing to Blind Esports’ domination is the exceptional gameplay of SPower. As the top fragger in the SCS 2023 Grand Finals, SPower has consistently showcased remarkable prowess. In the 18 matches played so far, he has secured an impressive 38 finishes, resulting in a formidable Finish-to-Death (F/D) ratio of 2.11. Notably, SPower’s finish contribution stands at 35.11%, and his highest number of finishes in a single match is seven. Manya expressed his confidence in SPower’s gunplay abilities and commended his composure in clutch situations. SPower’s proficiency with the deadly DBS shotgun has made him a formidable force in close-range fights, further bolstering Blind Esports’ success in the tournament.

Manya emphasized that Blind Esports’ success lies in their consistency throughout each match. Their unwavering focus has translated into consistent point scoring and the ability to maintain their position at the top of the tournament leaderboard. With their sights set on continued dominance, Blind Esports aims to secure another victory in the remaining days of the SCS.

Addressing other teams targeting Blind Esports, Manya confidently stated that they are free to try, but their efforts would yield zero points, as Blind Esports emerges victorious against any opposition. He expressed gratitude towards their fans for their unwavering support and encouraged them to continue cheering the team on. While acknowledging the existence of haters, Manya expressed his belief that their exceptional performance would soon convert them into fans.

As the third day of the tournament concludes, Blind Esports looks forward to adding another victory to their name, leveraging their substantial lead and unwavering determination in the remaining days of the SCS.