Marcos Gaming Disqualified From Clash of Clans World Championship 2022 Stage 4

Marcos Gaming Disqualified From Clash of Clans World Championship 2022 Stage 4

The leading Clash of Clans (COC) esports organization from India, Marcos Gaming, has been disqualified from the COC World Championship 2022 (Clash Worlds 2022) Stage 4 Qualifier, according to a public statement released by the team.

No official notice has been issued by COC on the matter till now. However, Marcos Gaming pleads that it received a message from David (tournament admin) stating that “Marcos Esports is not eligible for Stage 4 due to visa issues.”

Expanding on this problem, Marcos Gaming has gone on to provide an explanation from its side. With less than eight hours remaining before the Stage 4 Qualifiers kicks off, it has not received any response from the organizers so far.

Marcos Gaming disqualified from Stage 4 Qualifiers of COC World Championship 2022 due to visa issues

Taking to a public platform to voice its concern, Marcos Gaming on 9th September came forward to reveal that it has been disqualified from the Clash Worlds 2022 due to visa issues. The team received this information through a message from one of the tournament admins called David.

According to Marcos Gaming, here is a timeline of events related to this problem that supposedly transpired between the team and the tournament organizers – Supercell,

  1. On 25th August, Marcos Gaming received an alleged message stating that it has to submit passports before 1st September and visas before 16th September.

  2. Over a week later, on 4th September, Marcos Gaming was suddenly informed that the visa had to be submitted on or before 9th September.

  3. Marcos Gaming received the necessary visa documents on 7th September and immediately applied for the visa on the same day, well aware of the fact that it was practically impossible to receive a Schengen visa within one and a half day’s time.

The complaint from the side of Marcos Gaming was that Supercell changed the initial dates without giving the organization enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

A player from Marcos Gaming, Eleven, spoke on the issue and said that at least 10 days were required to acquire a Schengen visa after providing the necessary documents.

So the organization thought of applying for a Finnish visa instead which allegedly has a processing time of about five to seven days, making it possible for the team to acquire the visa before 17th September – the date set for the departure of teams qualifying for the COC World Championship Finals 2022, taking place from 23rd to 25th September in Helsinki, Finland.

Earlier today on 10th September, Marcos Gaming once again took to the public platform to voice its concern, having received no response from Supercell.

The team requested the organizers to consider their request and allow them to compete from India itself, further stating that they will acquire a visa before 16th September and will be ready to fly on 17th September in case they qualify.

Supercell has not publicly responded to any of the queries and requests made by Marcos Gaming. The organizers have also not released any official statement on the matter yet.

However, according to the ‘Tournament Hub’ within the game Marcos Gaming has already been replaced by S. G. Tristella – a team that failed to qualify for the Stage 4 Qualifiers.

This seems to indicate that Marcos Gaming has already been removed from the COC World Championship 2022 Stage 4 Qualifiers, its spot having been handed to another team that did compete in the Stage 3 Qualifiers but failed to place within the initial top eight teams.

Only a few hours are remaining before the commencement of the final stage of the qualifiers. It remains to be seen if Supercell considers the case being presented by Marcos Gaming and gives the team its rightfully deserved spot or will it proceed with the replacement team.


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