Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Speed Golf Mode Looks Chaotic In The Best Way

Nearly three years to the date after Mario and friends hit the courts in Mario Tennis Aces, the plumber is returning to the links in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the new Switch entry in Nintendo’s long-running sports series. As it did with the aforementioned Aces, developer Camelot has taken the familiar Mario Golf gameplay and enlivened it with more action, making Super Rush an even snappier take on the sport than previous installments.

We recently had a chance to see more of Mario Golf: Super Rush’s new features via a virtual preview event. The headlining addition in this installment is Speed Golf, a hectic new mode in which you and three other golfers compete to sink the ball the fastest. Unlike a standard round of golf, each player takes their shots simultaneously in Speed Golf, and you must manually run to your ball after you’ve hit it, making this mode a mad dash to the green.

The ultimate aim of Speed Golf is to clear every hole in the fastest time. Each shot you take adds 30 seconds to your timer, which is where precision comes into play. You can feasibly sink your ball before the other players by hitting it as quickly as possible, but if you take too many shots, you’ll end up with a slower overall time, so you’ll need to strike a balance between speed and careful play to prevail.

En route to your ball, you’re able to unleash a Special Dash, which will knock down any opponents you barrel over, costing them coins and, more preciously, time. Each of the game’s 16 characters boasts their own signature Special Dash. Yoshi, for instance, will roll atop a giant egg when his Special Dash is activated, while newcomer Charging Chuck (who looks humorously out of place on the golf course in his football gear) mows through other golfers with a charging tackle.

As in previous games, every character also has their own Special Shots, which can similarly be employed to interrupt other players. Boo’s Special Shot, for example, will “haunt” other golf balls within its vicinity, affecting their trajectory. These elements come together to make Speed Golf a clever, frenetic take on the sport, and it looks like it’ll be the highlight of the package.

That isn’t the only major change Camelot has implemented, however. The studio has also tweaked other aspects of the gameplay to improve the overall experience. In the standard golf mode, you’re now able to choose between Take Turns and All at Once options for multiplayer sessions. The former is the more traditional way to play, with each player alternating, while the latter lets everyone tee off simultaneously. The object is still to sink the ball in the fewest shots possible, so your time won’t affect your score as it does in Speed Golf, but this option looks like it’ll make rounds much brisker. Each mode also gives you the option to play three, six, nine, or the full 18 holes of a course, and the game features an extensive glossary explaining golf terminology and controls for newer players.

The other major addition in Mario Golf: Super Rush is Golf Adventure, a light, RPG-like story mode in which you guide your Mii character on a journey to become a pro golfer. As part of your adventure, you’ll need to talk to coaches around the various clubs you visit to learn more about different golfing techniques and complete lessons. As you progress, your Mii will level up, which in turn will improve their stats. Coins you earn during your adventure can also be used to purchase new outfits and other gear. Like equipment in RPGs, this gear will improve your stats when equipped, and you’ll be able to use your powered-up Mii in other modes.

Bowser Jr. using his Special Dash during Speed Golf

Much like the adventure mode in Mario Tennis Aces, Golf Adventure serves as a good way to acclimate players to the game’s controls and the general rules of golf, but there is also a story running through the mode revolving around Wario and Waluigi’s search for a treasure. While pursuing the pair, you’ll encounter several boss battles. The first pits you against a knight that unleashes lightning bolts. You’ll need to avoid and deflect the knight’s lightning attacks with golf swings to topple the boss.

Between the frantic new Speed Golf mode and the other tweaks Camelot has made, Mario Golf: Super Rush is shaping up to be another enjoyable entry in the golfing series. Super Rush launches for Nintendo Switch on June 25. You can learn more about what preorder bonuses are available at retailers in our .

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