Marvel Snap Variants: What Are They? How to Get Them?

Marvel Snap is Second Dinner’s grand debut and it is a digital collectible card game that was officially released on 18th October 2022. The biggest attraction of this game is that it is set in the magical Marvel universe and features iconic characters adored by many, including Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and many more. Naturally, Marvel Snap has a large collection of cards and every card in the game has multiple variants that players can collect. 

Here’s all you need to know about variants in Marvel Snap, what they are, and how to unlock them.

Marvel Snap Card Variants

Variants in Marvel Snap are essentially alternative art versions of the Base Card and they add pizzaz and a unique personality to your decks. They depict the characters from certain storylines or other interesting artistic themes such as Pixel and Chibi-style art. Players should note that they are treated as a separate card and they are not merely “skins or cosmetics.” Variant cards can even be upgraded in rarity level independently of the base version. As you continue to play with them, you will also have the choice to keep splitting them to add further effects to your deck.

Interestingly, Marvel Snap has over 199 different categories of variants for its cards. The game currently has over a thousand variants and new ones are added almost every week. 

Here’s how you can obtain different alternatives for your base cards in Marvel Snap:

  • Daily Offer: This resets at 3 am GMT every day, SO make sure to check it out in-game. 

  • Season Pass and Season Cache

  • Collector’s Reserve in the Collection Level Road above Level 1006

  • Promotion and events such as the Launch Week Celebration

  • Token Shop

Variant Rarity in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap cards and their variants are categorized by their rarity. They are categorized as follows:

Rare variants can be found in the Daily Offer section of the store for 700 Gold and they can also be featured in rewards like Ranked Rewards, Season Pass, or even the Collector’s Reserve.

On the other hand, the Super Rare Variants are only found in the Daily Offer section of the store for a fixed price of 1,200 Gold.

Notably, Ultimate Variants are only available from the Token Shop and cost 5000 Collector’s Tokens. Currently, the ultimate variants are available for the following: