Marvel Snap’s New Spotlight Cache Explained

Second Dinner’s Marvel Snap is updating its card acquisition system in the game and as a result, the currently available Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves are going to be changed. The developers attested that the Spotlight Caches will allow players to get their hands on more cards and grow their collections “faster than ever!” The developers made it clear that they want to bring more cards to players and that the Spotlight Cache will help make that goal a reality for all players, regardless of where they are at in their Marvel Snap journey.

Here’s all we know about the new system called Spotlight Caches.

What is Spotlight Cache in Marvel Snap?

In Marvel Snap, Spotlight Caches is a brand new way to acquire newly released cards, Series 4 cards, and Series 5 cards. This system will appear after players have passed Collection Level (CL) 500. Spotlight Cache is all set to replace Collector’s Caches and a Spotlight Cache will replace Collector’s Reserves every 120 CL. This simply means that one in every 10 Collector’s Reserves is turning into Spotlight Caches.

The reason why these new Caches are so exciting is that each week, three different Series 4 and 5 cards will be featured, including the new card that was released the same week. So players are guaranteed to open one of those three cards, or a random Series 4 or Series 5 card when they open one. Notably, if a player already owns one of these featured cards, the Spotlight Caches will instead feature a time-exclusive variant for the featured card. 

Marvel Snap added, “The Spotlight Caches reward pool changes each week and features 1 brand new card, 2 existing Series 4/5 cards, and a Random Series 4/5 card.

According to the developers, one of the major pain points that they wanted to address was the fact that not many players could engage with new card releases each week. They added, “Previously, we saw a very small portion of players able to get the new card each week. But, with Spotlight Cache, ~25% of players who finish their Daily Missions can get the new card each week – for free!” 

Marvel Snap is confident that this system will bring more diversity to the decks a player is using and seeing each week.

Spotlight Caches: Potential Release Date

The announcement about this new system was made by Marvel Snap and Second Dinner on 23rd June. As a result, players can expect this system to go live in the game with the next major patch which is due on 11th July.

For more information about Spotlight Caches, players can check out this on the official website of Marvel Snap.