Mavi Dismisses Rumors of Gill Joining Global Esports

Global Esports recently created a stir within the gaming community by announcing the signing of and its coach for its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) lineup. Mavi, who had been conducting tryouts for other players, hinted at forthcoming signings that would be disclosed soon. This led to speculation among fans, with Arshpreet “GiLL” Singh emerging as a popular name associated with Global Esports. However, Mavi has since addressed these rumors, firmly stating that Gill has not joined Global Esports.

Gill last competed with Inside Out in the , but could only manage a disappointing 21st place finish in the tournament.

Mavi Denies Rumors of Gill’s Potential Signing with Global Esports

Gill and Mavi share a history as former teammates in Orange Rock Esports and Team XSpark. However, due to interpersonal differences, Gill, along with teammate Viren “VIRU” Gour, departed Team XSpark to join GodLike Esports in early 2022. Gill had previously expressed his reluctance to play alongside Scout or Mavi again, casting doubt on the possibility of a reunion with Global Esports.

As rumors circulated regarding Gill’s potential signing with Global Esports, fans eagerly sought confirmation from Mavi during his livestream. Mavi unequivocally denied Gill’s involvement with Global Esports, providing clarity to the situation.

As rumors circulated regarding Gill’s possible signing with Global Esports, fans eagerly sought confirmation from Mavi during his livestream. Addressing their inquiries, Mavi categorically denied that Gill had become a part of Global Esports.

Additionally, Mavi’s name has been linked to other prominent players, such as, further fueling speculation about potential collaborations. However, Mavi clarified his position during the livestream, dispelling rumors of teaming up with these players. Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi also mentioned on his livestream that Mavi had approached him to play for Global Esports, but he had already joined 8Bit at that time.

With the return of the game on the horizon, the future of Gill’s esports journey remains uncertain. While fans had anticipated a reunion between Gill and Mavi under the Global Esports banner,  attention now turns to the potential destinations Gill may choose for the next chapter in his illustrious esports journey.