Mavi Provides Insights on Playing with Snax and Regaltos

During a recent stream, Global Esports star Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Lineup addressed various speculations surrounding his potential teammates and shed light on the salary situation of Tanmay “Scout” Singh, the owner of Team XSpark. Mavi, who is not only a streamer for S8ul Esports but has also competed with prominent teams like Orange Rock Esports and Team SouL before joining Global Esports, clarified the rumors and provided insights.

Mavi Clarifes on Snax and Regaltos as his Possible Teammates

Fans had been eagerly speculating about whether Parv “Regaltos” Singh or Raj “Snax” Varma would be playing alongside Mavi in the Global Esports lineup. Both Regaltos and Snax had expressed their strong desire to make a comeback to BGMI esports. There were rumors of Regaltos playing scrims under a different name, while Snax had mentioned his intention to participate in an upcoming official tournament. Mavi, on the other hand, had announced that he was conducting tryouts for Global Esports. However, Mavi clarified that teaming up with either Regaltos or Snax was currently not feasible due to differences in roles and behavior.

Mavi, who had previously been teammates with Regaltos in Team SouL, explained that their distinct roles in the game made it impractical for them to play together under the Global Esports banner. Additionally, Mavi had played with Snax for a month and observed behavioral disparities that hindered their collaboration. Thus, Mavi stated that teaming up with Regaltos or Snax was not possible for him at the moment.

Shifting the focus to another prominent player in BGMI esports, Mavi discussed Scout, also known as Tanmay “Scout” Singh, the owner of Team XSpark. Scout boasts an illustrious career, having been associated with renowned teams like Team SouL, Team IND, Orange Rock Esports, Fnatic, and now Team XSpark. Mavi revealed that Scout prefers not to be tied down by any specific team and does not enjoy playing under contractual obligations.

Furthermore, Mavi mentioned that Scout had received compensation during his time with Team IND, Orange Rock Esports, and Fnatic, indicating that he had been remunerated for his contributions while being part of these organizations.