Mavi Won’t Be Playing BGMI Esports With Scout

Mavi Won’t Be Playing BGMI Esports With Scout

Popular Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh recently made a statement regarding his former teammate Tanmay “Scout” Singh. Mavi stated that while he could play various games with Scout, he was uncertain about participating in competitive BGMI matches due to unresolved issues. Mavi explained the reason for not playing is that he and Scout do not get along well in the game. He claimed that having control of the team was essential for the team’s smooth gameplay and good performance.

Mavi explains why he won’t be playing BGMI with Scout

In a recent livestream, one of Mavi’s viewers asked him when he would play games with Scout. Responding to this, Mavi stated that he could play a variety of games with Scout, including roleplay (RP) or PC games, as well as BGMI classic matches. However, he added that he was uncertain about playing competitive BGMI matches with Scout, as there were some unresolved issues between them in that regard. However, he did not further expand upon these problems.

Following this, a viewer suggested to Mavi that he should not play BGMI with Scout. Mavi responded by saying that he had no plans to play with him. “The problem is not only about whether we play or not; there are many other problems as well,” he added.

Mavi sarcastically stated that his former teammates were very good. He then went on to explain that the real problem was about having control of the team. Mavi claimed that as long as he had full control of the team, they were able to play smoothly, get kills, and perform well. However, when he didn’t have control, the other players were not able to play with him effectively, leading to poor performance overall.

Mavi and Scout played their last BGMI match together in TeamXSPark. Notably, , and there were no issues between him and the organization. He explained that during the last tournament, the team had problems among players, which led to him parting ways with some of them. Mavi acknowledged that other players might not have liked the decision, but everything was okay until then.


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