Mayavi Reveals That TSM India is Looking For a New IGL

Mayavi Reveals That TSM India is Looking For a New IGL

In a recent livestream, TSM India’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) coach Shubham “Mayavi” Chawla was casually chatting with his audience and answering their questions. During this session, his viewers asked him if there was any update on BGMI’s return. Responding to this, Mayavi assured his audience that the game would eventually return. Following this, he revealed that he has started looking for a new in-game leader (IGL) for TSM India’s BGMI roster.

Mayavi is looking for a new underdog IGL for TSM India

Mayavi started his BGMI journey by forming a team of four underdog players and coaching them. The team played under the banner of ‘Team Mayavi’ and showed an incredible performance, defeating well-established BGMI teams in multiple tournaments.

The team included the following players:

Due to its consistent performance, it quickly gained recognition in the BGMI community. Following this, Global Esports signed the entire roster of Team Mayavi in March 2022.

Mayavi soon left Global Esports in August 2022 after a few months of signing amid the unavailability of the game. However, in October, TSM India announced that it had signed Mayavi as the coach for its BGMI roster.

Responding to a question by a fellow viewer, Mayavi assured his audience that BGMI would eventually return. Following this, he stated that as TSM India’s coach, he has started searching for a new underdog IGL for the organization’s BGMI team. “From today itself, my search for an IGL has started. Being the coach of the team, I will again prioritize the underdogs. I want a new IGL,” he said.

Mayavi stated that he would sign a new IGL for TSM India, just like he signed Manya in Team Mayavi. “We will again sign a new player with good game sense, just like Manya,” he said. “I would disagree that Manya is not a very good IGL, he is brilliant. So, we will make it happen again,” he added.

TSM India signed its current BGMI roster in July 2021, which consisted of four players. It showed an amazing performance during its tenure. However, Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar, the erstwhile IGL of the team, left the organization to join GodLike Esports in June 2022. As a result, the team signed Chirag “Wanted” Dua to fill in the void. However, the team still lacked a proper IGL, and before it could sign a proper IGL, the game was suspended.


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