Mazy Discusses the Possibility of Indian Slots in PMWI 2023


Popular Indian esports caster Zishan “Mazy” Alam recently discussed the possibility of Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) teams getting a slot in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWI) 2023. The caster emphasized that several factors would determine whether Indian teams would get entry, including whether events would even be hosted after the game’s return. Mazy also expressed optimism about the game’s return and the possibility of an official event afterwards.

Mazy expresses optimism about BGMI’s return

In a recent livestream, Mazy explored various PUBG Mobile tournaments set to take place in 2023. While exploring these tournaments, Mazy revealed that PMWI 2023 would take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but it has not been officially announced. Following this, he discussed the possibility of Indian BGMI teams securing a coveted slot in the PUBG Mobile World Invitation (PMWI) 2023 tournament. Mazy emphasized that the likelihood of Indian teams getting entry into the PMWI 2023 depends on several factors, such as will the game return before the tournament’s scheduled date, whether official events will even be hosted after the game’s return, and if events are being hosted, then whether those events will seed teams (to PMWI 2023) or not.

According to Mazy, if BGMI returns, there will be an official event, and then, through that event, fans will get to know whether it will seed teams in PMWI 2023 or not. He also expressed his belief that the game will return and the said event will also take place after it. “If it seeds, it will be fun; if not, then watch the tournament relaxing at home,” he added.

Although Mazy expressed optimism that Indian BGMI teams may have a chance to participate in the PMWI 2023 event, the current status of the game makes it highly unlikely. The game has been banned in India since July 2022 under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000 due to national security and privacy concerns. Even though it has been more than six months since the ban, there have been no official comments from either the government or Krafton regarding the game’s return.

Despite the lack of official statements, fans and players remain optimistic about the game’s potential return, given its popularity in India. However, there is no indication that the game will make a comeback anytime soon. The absence of an Indian team at PMWI 2023 would be a significant disappointment for the Indian gaming community.

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