Mazy Dismisses Rumors of Indian Slots in PMPL SA


Indian esports caster Zishan “Mazy” Alam recently dismissed rumors that suggested Indian teams would get four slots in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia (PMPL SA) Spring 2023. He explained that Indian teams faced difficulties getting a slot in PMGC 2021, despite Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI – Indian variant of PUBG Mobile) being available. He also pointed out that Team SouL qualified for the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 only because, at that time, the game was available and tournaments were taking place. Mazy believed that there is currently no basis for qualifying Indian teams for the tournament.

Indian teams might not get a slot in PMPL SA

Ahead of the PMPL SA Spring 2023, rumors have been circulating that Indian teams will receive four slots in the tournament despite the game being unavailable in the country. In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Mazy about these rumors. Responding to this, Mazy quickly dismissed the rumors, expressing confusion about where they had originated from.

Mazy acknowledged that if the game was available and tournaments were taking place, the organizer might have included a few Indian teams in order to increase the viewership and engagement of the tournament. However, he remained skeptical of the current rumors, stating that he could not make sense of them. “But four teams (when the game is suspended), that, too, in PMPL SA, why? The game is still not available, and players have not practiced, then why?” he added. “I don’t find any sense in this, and I don’t really understand why and from where these rumors would emerge.”

Mazy also pointed out that Team SouL was able to participate in PMWI 2022, because BGMI was available and tournaments were already underway. “But now, the game is not available; teams have not practiced. Even if the game returns, then on what basis would the teams qualify for the tournament before 27th April? I think if this actually happens, it will cause a lot of chaos,” he added.

Although a lot of rumors have been circulating that BGMI might return in a couple of months, there is no solid proof to back the claim. Furthermore, the game’s publisher Krafton has also not made any comment regarding the game’s return.

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