MDL Indonesia Partners With Kohai Infiniti to Further Expand SEA MLBB Esports

Kohai Infiniti Esport Super App, a pioneer in connecting esports players across Southeast Asia (SEA), announced a strategic partnership with Moonton Indonesia, the publisher behind the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League (MDL) tournament. The collaboration aims to revolutionize esports gameplay in Indonesia by providing an innovative platform for gamers to connect, build communities, and compete on regional and international levels within the MDL Play-in Competition. Through the integration of the Kohai Infiniti app, players of all skill levels can participate in weekly tournaments, evolving from beginners to pros. The collaboration combines the strengths of Kohai Infiniti and Moonton Indonesia to deliver an exciting experience for MLBB enthusiasts in Indonesia and foster the growth in the SEA region.

Kohai Infiniti and Moonton Indonesia’s MDL Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony is Set to Reshape Esports

Kohai Infiniti plans to develop an app targeting casual players, extending its reach to countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The app offers features like the Combat Arena, where users can compete on a weekly leaderboard.

Kohai Infiniti and Moonton Indonesia are poised to make a substantial mark in the esports realm of Indonesia and the SEA region. Capitalizing on Indonesia’s $800 million USD esports market, the partnership anticipates an annual growth rate of 8-12% over the next 2-4 years, aiming to secure a market share of 5-10%. MLBB, boasting a vast user base with hundreds of millions of monthly active players, presents significant growth potential in the competitive player segment. Through this collaboration, the target is to achieve a growth rate of 10-20% in the coming years.

Sumin Lim, Founder and Visionary CEO of Kohai Infiniti, emphasizes the importance of this partnership in activating the esports industry in Southeast Asia and empowering gamers to shine on the international stage. “Through a strategic partnership with the Mobile Legends Development League, Kohai Infiniti is committed to activating the esports industry in Southeast Asia and tapping into the vast potential that exists. We believe that this collaboration will not only enhance gaming experiences but also drive a vibrant esports ecosystem in this region. Together, we aim to empower gamers, cultivate talent & create opportunities for players to shine on the international stage,” said Sumin.

Azwin Nugraha, Marketing Communication Manager of Moonton Indonesia, expressed excitement for the goal of expanding the esports ecosystem in Indonesia and providing new opportunities for MLBB players. “We are very excited to collaborate with Kohai Infiniti, and this is a consistent effort we make to enlarge the esports ecosystem in our homeland. This strategic partnership will create new opportunities for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players in Indonesia and the SEA region to connect, compete, and showcase their talents on a big stage. As MDL Indonesia is currently open to the public, this cooperation is expected to be a bridge for amateur players to realize their dream of becoming a professional MLBB player,” said Azwin

This historic partnership between Kohai Infiniti and Moonton Indonesia aims to enhance gaming experiences, cultivate talent, and drive the growth of esports across the SEA region.