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Metal Pay is a crypto exchange and payments app all-in-one, allowing you to send and receive cash and crypto payments while allowing seamless exchange between the two.

Utility & Benefits

Metal DAO operates by providing its holders with certain benefits when using the Metal Pay cash & crypto app. For instance, Metal Pay customers who own 10,000+ MTL may have 0% fees on all cryptocurrency purchases. The future utility of Metal DAO includes the ability to propose new stablecoins for the Metal Dollar basket and the option to vote in new stablecoin issuers. This functionality strives to give users more control and flexibility in their cryptocurrency transactions.

Coin Website:
Total Supply of Tokens: 66,588,888 MTL
Protocol: Ethereum

Metal DAO Long-term Price Prediction

Presented below is a price prediction that was made using available market and coin information to predict real case scenarios on the blockchain. Flizzyy offers informational price predictions and not financial investment advice.

Year Est. Min. Price Est. Max. Price
2024 1.03$ 3.20$
2025 1.39$ 5.63$
2026 1.85$ 8.60$
2027 2.56$ 10.83$
2028 2.74$ 11.08$
2029 4.06$ 14.30$
2030 4.88$ 19.25$
2035 8.93$ 30.69$

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