Microsoft Is Bringing Copilot AI To Video Games

Microsoft Is Bringing Copilot AI To Video Games

Microsoft held its major Surface and AI event on Monday. While it wasn’t livestreamed for people to watch, there is information coming out that pertains to Microsoft’s Copilot and video games.

Microsoft revealed that it will begin working to add Copilot directly into its games. The game shown as an example was Minecraft that will let players use AI to ask if you have the right materials to craft an item. In this instance, the item was a sword.

Copilot then searches the inventory for the materials and tells you if you can make your sword or not.

“You’ve got some sticks, perfect for the sword’s handle,” the Copilot said. “But it looks like you’re missing the material for the blade. You can use wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond.”

While it’s unknown when these features will be added to games like Minecraft or what other games will take advantage of the ability, it’s clear that Microsoft has its sight set on guides and tutorials for gamers. This implementation could go a long way in making the ways of looking up walkthroughs a thing of the past.

How much it’ll be adopted, however, we’ll have to wait and see.

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