Microsoft Patent Wants to Track Gamers; Here Is All You Need to Know Including the Why

Microsoft is one of the heavy hitters in the gaming industry, and it wishes to bolster that position by acquiring Activision Blizzard. The issue is that they aren’t able to figure out how to get the deal through, as it has been under fire by the FTC and the EU Commission. Amidst the chaos, it seems their work on gaming hasn’t stopped, as details about the new gaming-related patent have been unveiled.

According to a report by GameRant, Microsoft has filed a patent that will allow them to track in-game events and progression. Through that, they will be able to monitor things like how many times did the player pause the game, how they are progressing through levels, their statistics, and a bunch of more details that go hand-in-hand with gaming.

Another detail about this system as that it will not just monitor one game, but multiple games that the player plays on the daily. Furthermore, the monitoring system will help competitive gamers massively, as they will receive detailed reports on all the titles they are playing, which will help them enhance their skills and figure out their flaws much quicker.

The reports will include data regarding the level progression, the wins and losses counts and how much time did the player spend on the game. Another great feature about the system is that it will help recognise any kind of user-exploits or bugs that affect gameplay. Determining these issues faster will help developers provide fixes much more promptly.

Additionally, the system will work on local resources, rather than a cloud-based structure. Therefore, it will not require any access to the source code, software, or processing signals of the game to do the job. At the moment, we do not know for sure how this tracking system will be implemented, but if done right, it should be a game changer for the industry.


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