Microsoft Xbox Retail Box Leaked in China Showcasing Starfield; Sparks Speculation About the Release of the Bethesda Title

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It’s 2023, which means Starfield is right around the corner. After several delays and waiting, Xbox has confirmed that the long-awaited space RPG title will make its way this year. However, we have yet to hear any details about the title’s release date.

It seemed like the game will be mentioned during the upcoming Xbox event, Developer_Direct. However, Xbox and Bethesda have clearly clarified that the game won’t be part of the event lineup, as the game will be receiving a separate event for fans to know more about it in the near future.

As we await to hear more about the game’s potential release window, a leaked image has surfaced on the internet, which showcases the game on an Xbox retail box.

The retail box in question comes from China, and it seems to be replacing the brand’s marquee franchises in Halo. With Starfield set to be Xbox’s biggest release in years, it’s understandable to see why the latter might favor placing the upcoming title on its boxes. Plus, with the game releasing as a Day 1 Xbox Game Pass title, the new marketing will also shed light on the best deal in gaming as well.

In the end, it will be interesting to see when Bethesda and Xbox will finally unveil the release date for the much-anticipated space title, as we can’t wait to explore new worlds in Starfield.


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