Mid-Day Mayhem at PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage Day 3: AGONXI8 Overturns the Race for Top 6

The intensity reached its peak as the Allstars Stage of PMWI 2023 entered its third and final day. Here are the most iconic moments from the first half of the day.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Allstars Stage Day 3

Match 1: Clash at Bootcamp, R8 Esports Emerges Victorious

The action kicked off with a thrilling clash at Bootcamp between Faze and Dplus KIA. Faze found themselves retreating after losing two of their members early on. As the circles closed in, only a handful of teams remained in contention for the coveted chicken dinners. In a tense 4v4 showdown between DRS and R8, the Saudi squad quickly gained an advantage. However, DRS fought back with shotgun trades, leveling the playing field. With the engagement coming down to a close-quarters battle, shotguns took center stage, and R8 emerged triumphant with their first win in PMWI, securing 12 eliminations. Although DRS missed out on a chicken dinner, their second-place finish with 9 eliminations guaranteed their spot in the main stage.

Match 2: Agonxi8 Shocks the Competition on Erangel

The second match on Erangel brought surprises and excitement to fans worldwide. While Alpha 7 and Vampire Esports initially seemed in control of the final circle, it was the duo survivors from Agonxi8 who displayed incredible composure. As Alpha 7 and Vampire Esports engaged in a fierce battle, Agonxi8 seized the opportunity and eliminated Alpha 7 with assistance from the solo member of Vampire Esports. With UZM and iQ leading the charge, Agonxi8 secured a massive victory with 22 eliminations, reinvigorating their spirits and boosting their chances for a slot in the main stage.

Match 3: Vampire Esports Dominates as Dplus KIA Challenges

Dplus KIA stepped up their game in the final match of the mid-day session. With multiple appearances in the end circles, they faced the formidable four-man army of the table-topping Vampire Esports. Forced to move out early due to the zone, Dplus KIA opted for close-range combat. However, their strategy backfired against Vampire’s merciless spray, leading to a swift defeat before reaching the halfway point. Vampire Esports continued their dominance, earning another 24 points and solidifying their unprecedented lead at the top. Dplus KIA showcased their resilience and determination, posing a significant challenge to DRS’s hold on the second spot.