Mirko Predicts Onic Esports Will Win the M4 World Championship

Mirko Predicts Onic Esports Will Win the M4 World Championship

With the M4 World Championship Knockout Stage (also known as playoffs) fast approaching, popular Indonesian (ID) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang caster, Frederick Handy “Mirko” Loho shared his predictions on what the outcome of the tournament may look like. According to him, the ID squad ONIC Esports and the Myanmar powerhouse team, Falcon Esports, will dominate the playoffs and reach the grand finals of the M4 World Championship. Mirko thinks that the grand finals match will see the Indonesian powerhouse squad take the world series title.

The M4 World Championship playoffs will start on 7th January with a match between ONIC Esports and Falcon Esports in the upper bracket. 

Mirko thinks ONIC Esports will win the M4 World Championship title

Through a livestream, Mirko shared his predictions for the upcoming Knockout stage of the M4 World Championship based on each team’s performance in the group stage.

In his prediction, fan-favorite picks such as Blacklist International, ECHO, and RRQ Hoshi won’t be able to reach the grand finals match. He even goes on to say that the Brazilian sister team of RRQ Hoshi, RRQ Akira, performed better than the Indonesian squad.

“It’s crazy that I feel like Akira has looked like the better RRQ, so far in group [stage]” said Mirko.

Mirko made surprising predictions such as Todak beating Blacklist International in the upper bracket match. According to him, the defending champion is still trying to adjust to the meta while Todak has been performing well in the group stage.

“Looking at the Todak roster we have now, looking at how they have been playing against the Blacklist roster that’s still trying to find their place in the meta, I think Todak are the better team currently,” said Mirko.

Blacklist International had a shaky group stage performance against the Myanmar squad Falcon Esports where it suffered two consecutive losses. However, according to the defending champion, as they still achieved their goal of securing an upper-bracket slot.

As for ECHO, Mirko predicted that the team would lose against ONIC Esports in the upper bracket before eventually getting eliminated by Falcon Esports in the lower bracket.

To conclude his prediction for the M4 World Championship Knockout stage, Mirko placed ONIC Esports and Falcon Esports as the grand finalists in the tournament with the ID squad winning the tournament and claiming the world series title.


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