Mirko Thinks Blacklist International Held Back During the MPLI 2022


Mirko gives his take on speculations of Blacklist International holding back in MPLI 2022

In the latest episode of the SarCast YouTube series, Mirko shared his thoughts regarding the M4 teams, especially Blacklist International’s performance in the MPLI 2022. 

“This is the big question that a lot of people have, including the Blacklist fans or the agents, right? Did Blacklist hold back?” said Mirko

According to him, the world series teams weren’t playing at their peak performance as they are preparing for the upcoming M4 World Championship.

“When we’re talking about the M4 teams, I think every single M4 team except for ONIC ID did not go all out,” said the MLBB caster. 

“RRQ Didn’t even send their roster. They sent their MDL roster. Burn x Flash went with their secondary jungler XEON. Then we obviously saw ECHO, first-round exit against EVOS Legends. And then, we have Blacklist, that’s it, and obviously [Team] HAQ and Todak,” he added.

Mirko continued that Blacklist International’s drafting style during the MPLI 2022 was not akin to the usual tactics that the reigning world champion normally tends to pull off. 

“We didn’t see the usual creative Blacklist International that we’ve seen in MPL [Philippines] PH Season 10,” the caster explained, “So, in the drafts, I think they did [hold back].”

The MPL caster clarified that he was merely speculating and they have no confirmation from the teams whether that was the case.

“Looking at it at face value, I would say that in terms of the draft, we didn’t see anything too crazy, we didn’t see that ‘Blacklisty’ draft, the Guinevere, the Valentina in the jungle,” said Mirko. “But the way they played, I feel was just Blacklist”

The MLBB caster also praised Geek Fam’s surprising resurgence in the MPLI 2022.

“The pick and fights incoming from Geek Fam were just on another level in MPLI, especially against Blacklist,” said Mirko. “I was so shocked when I watched it”

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