Mirko Thinks Pro Players Hesitate to Join RRQ Due to Its Toxic Fanbase

Fan expectations may bring pressure on RRQ players, says Mirko

Mirko, a prominent esports caster for Mobile Legends esports in Indonesia, delved into a RRQ’s recruiting process. His insights shed light on a significant aspect that may have contributed to some talented pro players turning down offers from the team. 

Rather than citing financial reasons for players’ rejections, Mirko pointed to the immense weight players experience when representing the prestigious RRQ name. He emphasized that the players simply find the prospect of being an RRQ player daunting in today’s competitive landscape.

“It’s more realistic to say that they are not stingy [with the offers]… players are just not accepting,” he said.

He further elaborated on his claims as to why players seem to hesitate in joining the renowned King of Kings. “The fact that they denied, they rejected this offer, shows you just how scary it is to become an RRQ player in this day and age, dude,” he explained.

Mirko elaborated on the challenges, explaining, “It’s a double-edged sword when you have a fanbase as big as RRQ. When you win? It’s the best feeling in the world… but if you lose? Losing as an RRQ player, coach, as anyone from RRQ, it’s just not a good time,” 

He clarified that his concern lies with the toxic online fans who subject RRQ talents to hate comments, potentially affecting the team’s overall mentality.

While acknowledging that not all RRQ fans are negative, Mirko highlighted the damaging impact of bandwagoners who relentlessly criticize underperforming players. This kind of relentless scrutiny, Mirko believes, creates immense pressure to always deliver flawless performances and avoid any mistakes.

“How are you gonna perform at your max level on stage when you know if you f***** up, just once, you missed a Flicker, these pieces of s*** are gonna hate you for the rest of the time, dude?” he questioned.