MLBB Caster Mirko Comments on Toxic Indonesian Fans Who “Can’t Accept Facts”

One of the iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) shoutcasters, Frederick Handy “Mirko” Loho, shared his thoughts about the backlash that some Indonesian (ID) casters and pro players are receiving from toxic fans. The iconic analyst expressed his disappointment with some Indonesian fans who can’t accept valid criticisms and would go so far as to share hateful comments about MLBB esports talents. Mirko shared that shoutcasters and analysts should not always have to sugarcoat their insights on matches. According to him, pro players are also allowed to say what they want as long as they can defend their statement and it’s not violating any rules.

Mirko thinks ID fans hating on Moreno is unwarranted

Through a livestream, Mirko shared his disappointment with toxic fans during the Indonesian language MLBB livestreams. The shoutcaster shared how Marcel “Moreno” Sinulingga, the Mid Laner for Bigetron Alpha,  was bashed by some ID fans due to his bold statements after defeating Filipino teams in the Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3 MLBB event.

While he understands why Moreno is getting hate from a lot of Filipino fans due to his hot take, Mirko is baffled as to why the pro player is also getting hate from toxic ID fans. 

“He spoke a lot of s*** too, about mukbang and stuff, and he talked the talk, he walked the walk at SPS (Snapdragon Pro Series.),” he stated. “I think getting hate from the Philippines, is completely normal. You know what’s crazy? The fact that he got hate from Indonesians too.”

Mirko shared disappointment with the state of Indonesian language MLBB streams

Continuing on his rant about toxic ID fans, Mirko also shared his disappointment when it comes to casting for an Indonesian MLBB livestream.

“The Indonesian netizens want zero facts. The fact that they cannot accept facts is crazy. In the Indonesian stream, as an analyst you need to be the most beta F****** B**** of all time, you need to sugarcoat everything you say,” he explained.

He further elaborated that “you can’t say a team has no chance of winning the game when clearly the team has no chance of winning the game.”

Mirko clarified that he does not mind what people’s opinions are about how he analyzes or shoutcasts a match. However, he admits that it was a big culture shock to him..

“In English (Livestream) I would just say whatever the f*** I want… I’m an analyst, that’s what I’m supposed to say. What do you want me to say, a miracle can happen? Jesus can come down to the land of dawn and f****** win the game for the team? I don’t get it. Really, really horrible experience but personally I don’t care” he said.

He also thinks that other casters who are quite new to the scene don’t deserve the hate that they are receiving just for being honest in their match analysis and casting. 

“I think Cheffihn got a lot of hate comments… I don’t know, it’s ridiculous. I’m pretty ashamed of that s***,” Mirko said.