MLBB Christmas Box Event Release Date Leaked

MLBB Christmas Box Event Release Date Leaked

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Christmas Box event has been leaked by data miners and is expected to arrive in mid-December. The event allows players to randomly acquire multiple skins of varying tiers using diamonds or tickets earned from other sources. There will also be a pre-register event that rewards players with a ticket that they can use to draw and acquire a free skin. Other mini-events have also been revealed that shall give players a chance to acquire more tickets for the MLBB Christmas Box event by completing tasks. Moonton is yet to officially announce the exact release date of the upcoming draw event.

MLBB Christmas box event release date according to data miners

According to a leak by , the MLBB Christmas box event is set to arrive on 17th December. The event will feature the usual loot box mechanic where players can spend diamonds or use tickets to earn a plethora of skins of varying rarity.

There will be two types of options to draw from the event. The Elite Box contains skins up to Elite and is priced at 250 Diamonds per box. The other option is the Epic Box which contains skins up to Epic tier and is priced at 450 Diamonds per box.

Drawing from the event also gives players Eternity Fragments which can be exchanged for numerous rare skins and even limited-time skins including Collector rarity.

Players who don’t plan on spending diamonds in the event can also acquire tickets from other sources such as by  pre-registering or by completing event tasks to earn the said tickets. The release date for the pre-register and event tasks is yet to be revealed.

Players should take note that Moonton is yet to officially confirm the exact release date of the MLBB Christmas box event. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt.


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