MLBB M4 ECHO Chou Skin Release Date Officially Announced

The highly anticipated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M4 ECHO Chou skin release date has been officially announced by Moonton. The skin is set to arrive through a pre-sale event in August 2023. For now, Moonton has provided a splash art of the MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin. The skin is one of the world series-themed skins that is crafted in collaboration with teams that win each year’s M-Series tournament. The MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin features the iconic varsity jacket from the iconic Killer Orcas who dominated the M4 World Championship back in January 2023 after taking down Blacklist International with a 4-0 clean sweep score in the grand finals. 

What is the MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin release date?

The MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin is set to release on 21st August 2023. However, players can participate in a pre-sale event starting on 14th August where they can purchase the skin at a massive discount.

Born from a creative partnership with ECHO, the MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin stands as a powerful symbol, a true embodiment of the remarkable prowess exhibited by this globally acclaimed mobile esports juggernaut. Envisioned through the awe-inspiring image of orcas, the apex predators of the marine world, the skin serves as an artistic representation of ECHO’s unrivaled dominance within the Mobile Legends esports scene. Much like these magnificent creatures that traverse the oceans in coordinated packs, ECHO’s gameplay mirrors this synergy, perfectly mirroring the team’s winning playstyle and strategic brilliance.

“We are grateful to MOONTON Games for working closely with us. We enjoyed the process of creating this with them, and the final output definitely represents our vision as a team. We hope our fans, the orcas support us and get their own M4 Champion skin,” said Mitch Liwanag, ECHO Country Manager. 

“The skin design is great and extraordinary, it’s really something that we like. Even the ECHO jacket I said I wanted to be included is seen. We had fun designing this skin and we hope our fans like it,” said ECHO superstar roamer Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera.

Chou is set to etch his name in history as the pioneering fighter hero to bear a bespoke skin meticulously crafted by a World Champion. In a heartening gesture towards the MLBB community, MOONTON Games is set to roll out a series of engaging in-game activities, ushering in discounts for enthusiasts keen on acquiring this exceptional skin. The festivities are slated to run from the 14th to 20th of August 2023.

The MLBB M4 ECHO Chou skin officially launches on 21st August 2023. ECHO will go live on its official Facebook page to play MLBB, showcase the skin’s in-game effects, interact with fans, and give away prizes.