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MLBB M4 Pass Leaks Showcase Two Beatrix Skins


The upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M4 Pass has been revealed featuring two skins for the marksman hero Beatrix. The upcoming battle pass will be released during the M4 World Championship where players can level up and gain a plethora of rewards. Players are not required to purchase the regular and premium versions of the M4 Pass. However, players who do purchase an upgrade for the battle pass will immediately unlock the Light Chaser Beatrix skin while the premium version provides exclusive cosmetics as well as a level boost to hasten their progress. Players who reach Level 75 on the M4 Pass will receive the Prime tier Stellar Brilliance Beatrix Skin.

M4 Pass skin details

Every M-World Series Tournament, Moonton releases a special Battle Pass that gives players a ton of free rewards as they support their favorite MLBB teams in the event.

According to the data miner OnlyZhask, the upcoming M4 Pass will feature two skins for Beatrix that can only be acquired during the event period. The release date for the upcoming Battle Pass is yet to be determined.

The first skin is the Light Chaser Beatrix skin which can be acquired after purchasing either the regular or the premium M4 Pass. The Prime tier Stellar Brilliance Beatrix Skin can only be acquired after reaching level 75 on the Battle Pass.

M4 Pass Pricing

The upcoming M4 Pass will have a basic version for all players with free rewards. However, there are two purchasable options available for players who want to go beyond and earn more exciting rewards.

The first option is priced at 399 MLBB Diamonds which immediately unlocks the Light Chaser Beatrix skin. The premium version is priced at 699 Diamonds and provides bonus perks such as two extra levels in the M4 Pass and an exclusive trail effect.

How to level in the M4 Pass

There are many ways to make progress in the M4 Pass. Players can complete daily and weekly event tasks to gain EXP for the Battle Pass. Players can also gain a ton of EXP by making the right predictions on who will win each match in the M4 World Championship. Each correct prediction will reward players with a 1,000 bonus EXP. 

Players should take note that the M3 Roger skin is just a placeholder and will be replaced once the M4 Pass rewards have been finalized.

Players who can spare a few Diamonds can also try their luck in the M4 Support Chest where they can gain a ton of EXP along with the chance to win a skin. 

Players can gain the following amount of EXP through the support chest;

  • 250 EXP

  • 300 EXP

  • 500 EXP

  • 1,000 EXP

Players should note that the pricing and rewards revealed are still subject to change by Moonton. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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