MLBB Project NEXT 2022 Unveils Map Optimizations to Prevent Jungle Camping

MLBB Project NEXT 2022 Unveils Map Optimizations to Prevent Jungle Camping

More features and battlefield changes are coming to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Project NEXT 2022 update. One of the major updates featured is the Magic Sentry which grants vision to the jungle area and reveals any units in range. This feature is designed to help the losing team detect ambushes and come up with a way to counterattack. However, these sentries can only be used when specific conditions are met. A lot of changes such as turret redesign and a new ranked game user interface are also expected to arrive when the next phase of the MLBB Project NEXT 2022 update officially arrives.

MLBB Project NEXT 2022 features revealed

Battlefield and Magic Sentry update

Players who are on the losing side will get more chances to make a major comeback with the upcoming update featuring the Magic Sentry.

Magic Sentries will appear in the base after one of the inner turrets gets destroyed. Players can then step on it to fire a flare that reveals any neutral mobs and invisible units within the losing team’s jungle camp.

This is a big help for teams who are at their wit’s end as they can detect potential jungle invades and find a way to counter the enemy and potentially get back in the lead. Moonton is yet to reveal if the Magic Sentry has unlimited uses or not.

Moonton also revealed a few lighting improvements to the game to make the environment more natural and immersive.

Draft Pick improvement

More features shall be added that will allow players to show which heroes and roles they are comfortable with. Players can also flex their recent achievements such as claiming a Savage kill streak or being the MVP of the previous game.


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