MLBB Project NEXT 2022 Update Unveiled Featuring More Revamped Heroes and Skins

The next phase of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Project NEXT update features revamps for the heroes Lesley and Gusion. The two heroes shall receive slight changes to their models to adjust to the modern theme of the mobile MOBA title. Lesley also gets a slight adjustment to her second skill and ultimate skill while Gusion retains his skill kit but with improved visual effects. The Valentine-themed skins of both heroes are also expected to receive a slight visual update. Moonton stated that fans shall get more sneak peeks of the upcoming MLBB Project NEXT update before it officially drops sometime in September.

MLBB Project NEXT update sneak peek at two hero revamps

According to the video posted on the official YouTube handles of MLBB, Lesley and Gusion are next in line for heroes that shall receive a revamp. However, the revamp will mostly cover visual updates with slight adjustments to some abilities.


She no longer has her cuffed sleeves and shall sport long leather gloves and knee-high boots. Her eyepatch and hairstyle shall also be updated to make her look more mature and intimidating. Her weapon now also has optical sights to add the immersion factor of a sniper hero.

For her abilities, a slight adjustment to her second skill has been mentioned which makes her grenade throwing animation much more fluid with little to no casting delay. Her first skill also gets a visual update to make the transition of her going invisible much smoother. The cast intervals of her ultimate skill have also been reduced to enable her to shoot faster and deliver more burst damage to enemies in a short amount of time.


The Holy Blade hero is arguably one of the most iconic heroes in MLBB. To keep Gusion more in line with the lore, Gusion’s default skin now sports a Mana Shard on his scarf to symbolize his connection to Aamon, his brother.

Fans of the hero will be happy to know that there won’t be any major changes to his abilities except for visual updates. This means that players can still play Guision the way he is meant to be played while also enjoying some new and cool visual effects.

Valentine Skins revamp

The Valntine-themed skins for both Lesley and Gusion shall also have slight visual updates to make them in line with the modern visuals of MLBB.

Fans can expect more sneak peeks of the upcoming MLBB Project NEXT 2022 update. The update is scheduled to kick off sometime in September along with the new and improved talent system.


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