MLBB Psionic Oracle Event: How to Get Free Skins

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Psionic Oracle Event is currently underway featuring Guinevere’s Psion of Tomorrow skin as well as a ton of ways to earn free skins. The first phase of the event will task players with spending Diamonds to draw from the event and acquire skins of varying rarity. Later on, a log-in event will be made available over the duration of the MLBB Psionic Oracle Event that rewards players with free tokens that they can use to draw and win free skins. As part of the 515 M-World Series Skins event, Zilong’s new special skin will also be given for free alongside a Grafitti accessory.

MLBB Psionic Oracle Event details

As part of the ongoing major event, the 515 M-World, Moonton has released a slew of exciting events where players stand a chance to win free skins of up to Epic Tier. One of the most popular skin series in the game, the S.T.U.N. skins will also make a major comeback through the draw event alongside a Legendary tier skin, Guinevere’s Psion of Tomorrow.

Players can pre-register for a free summoning scroll that they can use to draw in the event. The free scroll will be rewarded on 30th April.

Each draw in the MLBB Psionic Oracle Event will cost 100 Diamonds. Opting for the 10x Draw will guarantee a Special or higher-tier skin. Players can enjoy a 50% discount on their first draw in the event. Every day, players can also enjoy a 50% discount on their first single draw. The daily discount does not apply to a 10x Draw.

Psionic Contracts will be given to players who draw from the event, these can be exchanged for skins in the event shop. Players can also use these Psionic Contracts to gift other players skins of their choice.

Event Calendar

The MLBB Psionic Oracle Event will last until 1st June. However, more events will be arriving as the main event comes closer to its conclusion.

Shop-wide Discount

The event will start on 28th April and will offer a generous amount of discount diamonds that can be used alongside regular diamonds to reduce the price of a skin.

Free skin, Grafitti and Creation Camp

Players who participate in the event will earn a free Zhilong 515 Series Special skin as well as a Graffiti accessory. The event will kick off on 29th April.

More details regarding the creation camp will be revealed at a later date.

Login Bonus Tokens and free avatar border

Players can log in and complete missions to acquire free tokens and an avatar border to be used in the MLBB Psionic Oracle Draw Event. The event will kick off on 30th April.

The MLBB Psionic Oracle Event will be one of the few chances that players can acquire a ton of free skins in Mobile Legends. While acquiring free tokens to draw from the event may prove to be a challenge, the rewards are worth the effort.

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