MLBB Revamped Hanabi Has Finally Been Revealed

MLBB Revamped Hanabi Has Finally Been Revealed

The highly anticipated revamp for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) hero Hanabi has finally been revealed. According to Moonton, the revamped version of the hero will have a slightly higher skill ceiling making her a challenging hero to learn but rewarding to master. The visual effects and abilities of Revamped Hanabi will also be updated to fit her new lore as the leader of the Scarlet Sect.

Skill preview of the Revamped Hanabi in MLBB

Last year, Hanabi won the “” poll for which hero should receive a revamp. After almost a year of waiting, Moonton finally gave players a sneak peek at what changes the marksman hero will receive.

According to a post from the official Twitter page of Mobile Legends, Hanabi’s mechanics will not be drastically changed. However, her abilities will be slightly altered to have a higher skill requirement.

Here are some of the feature changes to the revamped Hanabi in MLBB;

Permanent Bounce

Hanabi’s current Skill 1 allows her basic attacks to ricochet onto other nearby enemies. In the upcoming revamp, this effect will now be transferred to her passive ability. This means Hanabi’s attacks, including all her projectile abilities and ultimate skill, will now automatically ricochet onto enemies.

Additionally, her current passive ability will be transferred to her Skill 1. This means players will have to cast this ability to dodge skill shots, gain a shield, and crowd control immunity.

Higher Hit Rate

The revamped Hanabi will have a much easier time landing her ultimate ability onto enemies. According to Moonton, her spread damage and control effects will be separated into two different mechanics.

More information regarding the revamped marksman will be posted by Moonton at a later date.

With the revamped Hanabi on the horizon, the marksman meta may change soon as more players shall be eager to try out her new abilities and brainstorm ways to maximize her potential.


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