MLBB Surprise Box Event 2022: How to Get Free Skins

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Surprise Box returns with more Epic and Special tier skins up for grabs. Players are guaranteed to win one free random skin from the event by simply pre-ordering and claiming free tokens at a later date. The MLBB Surprise Box event will last for two weeks and will feature limited-time skins such as Kagura “Soryu Maiden”, Karina “Doom Duelist”, Lancelot “Royal Matador”, Hayabusa “Shadow of Obscurity”, and many more. The Lightborn series skins have also returned through the draw event. Duplicate skins acquired in the event shall be converted to fragments which can be used to exchange for skins in the event shop.

How to win free skins in the MLBB Surprise Box Event

Players can acquire free tokens through the ongoing pre-order event in MLBB. These tokens can be used to exchange for Treasure Tickets. Players can claim their free tokens on 4th June and use it to draw from the MLBB Surprise Box Event for a random skin.

Players can draw 60 times for each box in the event. Each box contains an assortment of skins with varying tiers. The Elite Box is cheaper with 250 Diamonds and contains up to Elite and Special tier skins. The Epic Box costs 450 Diamonds per draw and contains skins of up to Epic tier.

Draw Probability

The chances of acquiring a skin shall vary depending on its rarity and whether the player chose the “Unlock 1x” or “Unlock 5x” option in the event;

Unlock 1x

  • Elite Box: Special or Elite Skin – 5%, Basic Skin – 95%

  • Epic Box: Epic Skin – 15%, Special or Elite Skin – 15%, Basic Skin – 70%

Unlock 5x

  • Elite Box: Special or Elite Skin – 20.48%, Basic Skin – 79.52%

  • Epic Box: Epic Skin – 23.87%, Special or Elite Skin – 13.43%, Basic Skin – 62.7%

Players can tap on the question mark beside the box to check the prize pool for Elite and Epic boxes in the MLBB Surprise Box Event.


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