MLBB Team RRQ Akira Admits SEA Server Is More Difficult Than Brazil

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Brazil Season 3 champions RRQ Akira shared which server they think has the most difficult players to beat. According to the squad, the Southeast Asia (SEA) server is much stronger than Brazil which serves as a good opportunity for the team to put its skills to the test. RRQ Akira also revealed that it has been training with SEA teams from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore.

RRQ Akira is one of the contenders in the M4 World Championship. The team will represent Brazil and will prove how much the esports scene in the region has improved since the previous two seasons of MPL Brazil.

RRQ Akira believes that SEA server is stronger

As the two-time MPL Brazil champion, RRQ Akira is aiming to prove its prowess in the upcoming M4 World Championship. The squad previously played under Keyd Stars where it showcased a promising performance in the M3 World Championship. However, despite its best efforts, the team only finished 8th place in the tournament.

In its second attempt on the MLBB world stage, RRQ Akira EXP Laner Arthur “Tekashi” Nascimento shared his observations after training with the finest teams and players from the Southeast Asian region. This was revealed through a Question and Answer session on the official YouTube channel of Team RRQ.

“The servers here are stronger than in Brazil, very strong, very difficult but this is good for us because we play every day, we train every day against Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore,” said Tekashi.

Despite experiencing one of the most difficult servers in MLBB, the pro player thinks this is a good thing in their journey to improve their performance and team chemistry.

It will be interesting to see how RRQ Akira performs against the best MLBB teams from around the world in the upcoming M4 World Championship.


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