MLBB Upcoming Events and Skins for 2023 Leaked

MLBB Upcoming Events and Skins for 2023 Leaked

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) data miners have unveiled a ton of new events and skins that will be arriving sometime in 2023. Some of the leaked skins are tied to an event while some will be limited-time skins that can only be purchased within a specific time frame. The leaked MLBB events and skins are scheduled to arrive sometime in January 2023. Moonton is yet to officially announce these events.

On top of the leaked events and skins, players can look forward to the which will feature more rewards and a new exchange shop that will contain the previously released Starlight exclusive skins. The revamp has been confirmed by Moonton and is set to be implemented on 1st February 2023.

Knights Arrival Draw Event Featuring Shadow Knight Leomord Skin

The next addition to the Abyss skin series in MLBB is the Shadow Knight Leomord. According to the data miner , the skin can be acquired through a draw event set to be released on 9th January 2023.

Players can also acquire The Forseer Esmeralda skin through the draw event. Similar to other major skin releases, a mini-event will also be released which will give players free tickets to try their luck in the draw event.

The Aspirants Free Tokens

Players will have more chances to try their luck in The Aspirants draw event through the upcoming mini-event that will provide free tokens by completing tasks. The event is set to arrive on 31st December 2022.

King of Fighters (KoF) MLBB skins return

According to Kazuki, all of the previously released King of Fighters skins may be made available for a limited time through a draw event. The event is said to be released sometime in January 2023.

MLBB 515 Event featuring Rafaela skin

One of the biggest events in MLBB, the 515 event, will also be making its annual return for a limited time featuring a new skin for Rafaela. Players also have a chance to earn promo diamonds which can be used to reduce the price of most skins and items in the in-game shop.

Dyrroth Naraka Flame skin

The new Collector tier skin Naraka Flame Dyrroth is said to be released on 6th January 2023 and can be acquired through a draw event.


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