MLBB Veterans Share How Esports Orgs Can Secure the Future of Their Pro Players

MLBB Veterans Share How Esports Orgs Can Secure the Future of Their Pro Players

The rise of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports has attracted a lot of attention from young and promising talent. However, due to how competitive the esports scene is in the region, not every pro player can maintain their career for an extended period. Through a media group interview, MLBB veterans shared their thoughts on how esports organizations can help ensure that pro players who have passed their prime can still secure a stable future once their esports life comes to an end. They also shared the importance of education to ensure that each pro player gets a chance to explore new fields aside from just being an esports professional.

What can esports organizations do to help pro players who have moved on from esports?

According to an article from , most pro players retire in their mid-twenties. Compared to traditional sports, the career span for esports professionals seems shorter especially when new esports titles enter the fray.

Omega Esports head Coach “P4kbet” Abalos and team captain Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic believe that offering a job outside esports could be a good starting point for esports organizations to consider.

“Maybe for players who disappear after their pro career, I want an agency where they get sent after their time as a pro player is over,” P4kbet said.

E2MAX echoed that esports organizations should ask their talent to consider their future after their esports career.

“In our organization, Coach Tony [Senedrin] and the CEO of Omega [Esports], they always tell us ‘what would you do after being [an esports] pro?’, that’s what we were always asked,” said the veteran team captain

He added that esports organizations should “enlighten their talents, especially the young ones, and give them insurance that they can find work [within the management]. Of course, you can’t have all five players work in the management. At least grab some of them, then the rest give an opportunity to get educated.”

E2MAX further explained that this was their way of handling their youngbloods to make sure they can find a new career after their prime as esports pros.

“In our [organization], we keep on pushing Kelra, Kiel, and Ch4knu to pursue their education, especially since they still have the money and capacity to go to school,” He said.

Further adding to the topic of education, former pro player of Obsidian Raven and Bren Esports Limitless, Dale Lopez shared his story on how he managed to find his path as Nexplay EVOS’ manager.

“I used to be a pro player, but I grew old. Before I became a pro player, I also didn’t pursue my studies,” stated Dale. “With my experience as a pro player, I ended up under Dogie’s [Nexplay EVOS]. But of course, I already have a family.”

He added that esports organizations should follow what Nexplay EVOS has been pursuing with its pro players.

“All I can say to the organizations, similar to Nexplay, they saw potential in me to be a team manager. But of course, I went through a process, it wasn’t easy,” Dale said. “In [our organization], going to school is not prohibited. Actually, Kzen graduated and Elpizo is still going to school. So, even if you’re playing Mobile Legends, life should move on.”

As the MLBB esports scene continues to grow, more aspiring amateur talents hop onto the trend. It will be interesting to see how esports organizations continue to support their talents and ensure they can explore more boundaries aside from being pro players.


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