MobaZane Claims He Is the Reason NA Will Participate in MSC 2023


One of the most surprising announcements made by Moonton was the expansion of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Southeast Asia (SEA) Cup (MSC) 2023. The tournament will now include the three non-SEA regions – Turkey, North America (NA), and Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Through a livestream, The Valley’s fan-favorite jungler Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun claimed that he was the reason why NA was added to the regions participating in the MSC 2023. The pro player had previously ranted about why only the teams from the SEA region get to have multiple MLBB esports events but NA gets left behind with only third-party tournaments.

MobaZane takes credit for NA getting to participate in MSC 2023

The NA pro player MobaZane is one of the most vocal influencers in the MLBB esports scene. He has always complained about why by hosting or joining more official league tournaments aside from the M-world Championships.

With the recent announcement regarding the upcoming MSC 2023, it looks like MobaZane’s wish has finally been answered as one NA team shall be chosen to compete in the upcoming tournament. In a recent livestream, he claimed that this big change is all thanks to him.

“I mean, for being honest, yeah. But I don’t think about it that much,” said MobaZane. “If we’re being honest, I probably am the only reason NA is going to MSC [2023].”

MobaZane complained about why NA was not invited to major events

In one of his previous livestreams, the pro player complained that he doesn’t see the point of trying to grow the MLBB esports scene in NA if the region can’t get invited to major events.

“Why are you trying to grow NA? They’re not even inviting us to anything,” said MobaZane.

He continued that most tournaments are strictly for the SEA region which makes Moonton’s efforts of promoting MLBB in NA quite counterproductive.

With the MSC 2023 finally expanding, it will be interesting to see if a non-SEA team shall rise to the challenge and win this year’s championship title.

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