MobaZane Is Tired of the Tank Jungle Meta in MLBB


Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, the jungler for The Valley, shared his thoughts on the tank meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The North American (NA) pro player referred to the current meta as “boring,” as it restricts his choice of heroes in tournaments. Although MobaZane thinks players can still utilize other non-meta picks, it is too risky to do so during competitions, hence he mainly uses tank heroes. Due to this restriction, he refers to the current meta as a “slave simulator” because jungle players are compelled to use a very limited selection of heroes in order to stand a chance of winning, especially in competitive settings.

MobaZane Explains Why his hero pool is very limited in tournaments

The tank jungle meta in MLBB has been a staple strategy for quite some time. While Moonton has made several adjustments to the jungle mechanics and various heroes, picking specific tank heroes such as Akai or a durable Karina is still one of the most used tactics in the game.

Through a live stream, MobaZane expressed his frustrations with the current meta and how it needs to be fixed.

“How are you supposed to have fun playing like that, man?” stated the North American (NA) pro player. “I genuinely have a headache right now.”

After playing several games using Akai, it would seem that the NA jungler has had enough of playing tank heroes in his role.

“I can’t do it anymore Carti (also known as Victor), I can’t. I’m done being a slave,” complained MobaZane.

He proceeded to call the current jungle meta role as just a “slave simulator” due to how strong specifc tanks are in the role and that he is forced to use them or risk being at a huge disadvantage.

“You ever wonder what it’s like to have slavery reinstated? Go play jungle,” MobaZane said.

The pro player admitted that he used to enjoy the tank jungle meta when it was still new. However, he believes the meta has overstayed its welcome.

“How many months am I gonna play tank? I’m getting a bit tired,” stated MobaZane. “Seven months playing tanks? You get a bit bored, man.”

The NA pro player clarified that he’s not looking forward to the return of the marksman jungle meta. However, he does wish he could play more heroes aside from the highly recommended tank junglers.

“I don’t need the marksmen back… But I want to be able to play something besides Panda, Balmond, Barats, [and] Karina every game,” he explained.

While he is able to play non-meta picks in casual matches, he can’t use the same heroes in a competitive setting such as the North America Challengers Tournament (NACT).

“I can play Paq[uito] pretty well, I can play Dyrroth, fighters like Aamon. But will I play them in an actual tournament? Hell no,” MobaZane said.

He further elaborated that this is why a lot of people think his hero pool is quite limited in tournaments as he doesn’t want to be at a huge disadvantage. Despite this, MobaZane refuses to change his role and is willing to wait till the meta finally balances the viability of tank heroes in the jungle.

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