MobaZane Shares What’s Stopping Him From Joining PH or ID MLBB Teams

MobaZane Believes Age May Change How You Play MLBB

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun shared what is stopping him from trying out for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams from the Philippines (PH) and Indonesia (ID). According to him, junglers are hard to replace, especially if the player has played in the team for quite some time. He added that replacing a staple jungler may ruin a team’s chemistry, which is why it is hard to replace a jungler compared to other roles. 

MobaZane is currently competing in the MLBB North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) Spring 2023 under the BTK squad. The crowned champion in the tournament shall earn a ticket to the upcoming Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023.

What’s stopping MobaZane from joining PH or ID teams?

MobaZane is one of the most vocal talents in the NA MLBB esports scene. The pro player has competed in two world series events and has traveled around Southeast Asia (SEA) to understand the META between various regions.

Despite being one of the seasoned MLBB junglers, MobaZane never had a stable team to compete with. All of his teams only compete for a few tournaments before going their separate ways. Considering his expertise in the jungle role, fans began asking MobaZane in one of his livestream about what was stopping him from joining teams from SEA, specifically PH and ID teams. 

“Honestly I should have, a long time ago. Being surrounded by a lot more dedicated folk would have actually been quite nice,” the pro player responded.

“I haven’t really reached out to teams and a jungler is a very hard thing to replace, not many junglers get replaced,” he added.

MobaZane further elaborated that most junglers in MLBB teams have been playing for a long time under one team and replacing them may affect the whole team’s playstyle.

“They’re almost like a staple of a team, you know what I mean?” he stated. 

The idea of MobaZane joining a team from PH or ID has been previously discussed by fans and iconic MLBB personalities. Back in February 2022, the popular streamer and influencer talked about the possibility of the NA star player joining other teams from the Philippines. With the region overflowing with promising and seasoned veterans in the MLBB esports scene, MobaZane may have a hard time finding a team that can maximize his potential in the jungle role.


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