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MobaZane Thinks Mastering Fanny in MLBB Is Not Worth His Time and Energy


Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, the jungler for the North American (NA) team, The Valley, claims that it’s too late for him to master Fanny, one of the most difficult heroes to play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The hero is known for having one of the highest skill requirements due to her insanely fast-paced playstyle that requires precise skillshots. MobaZane believes that Fanny requires a lot of time to master and that he’d rather practice other heroes to improve his hero pool. The pro player also revealed his checklist for the heroes he is planning on mastering in preparation for the upcoming M4 World Championship.

MobaZane refuses to practice playing Fanny in MLBB

Fans and pro players are aware of how hard Fanny is to master in MLBB. Only a few pro players can pull off an impressive play from this hero due to the high skill requirement. Through a livestream, The Valley’s MobaZane believes he doesn’t want to waste time mastering Fanny.

“It’s such a hard hero to learn. Like, it would take a lot of time and energy to learn that I just don’t want to put up,” said the star jungler.

He added that he’d rather “invest that time and energy into other things.”

MobaZane continued that mastering Fanny in MLBB would require thousands of hours invested and it still wouldn’t be enough to utilize the hero in competitive tournaments. With little to no experience in using Fanny, the NA jungler accepted his fate and would rather practice other heroes instead.

“It’s pretty much too late for me,” said MobaZane. “[It’s] never too late to learn but [as] I said, I’d rather put the time and energy into other things… other aspects of the game, other things in general, other heroes.”

The Valley’s star jungler also revealed his checklist for the heroes he wants to master before the M4 World Championship officially kicks off.

“Right now, on the checklist, Martis, Leo[mord], Bene[detta],” MobaZane stated. “Gusion, I think is a little bit ‘maybe’ if I can get the other three and I still have a good amount of time, then I’ll learn Gusion.” 

The hero Gusion in MLBB is making rounds in the current meta. The hero has been picked a lot by teams from Southeast Asia as a flexible pick, either in the mid-lane or the jungle.

It will be interesting to see how many heroes MobaZane can master before the M4 World Championship starts on 1st January 2023.

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