MobaZane Thinks the MLBB Meta in PH Is Strong but Repetitive and Boring

BloodThirstyKing’s (BTK) team captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun has improved a lot since he first played on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Philippines (PH) server. However, the more the pro player played alongside the top-performing players in the region, the more he realized that the meta is quite repetitive and boring for his liking. While he thinks it’s pretty reliable and strong, he considers it annoying and quite limiting as everyone else also uses it. MobaZane also observed that being competitive in the region would require a five-man MLBB team with each member specializing in each role in order to climb the ranked ladder.

MobaZane’s thoughts on the MLBB meta in PH

In one of his livestreams, the BTK captain shared what he thinks about the meta in the region after weeks of playing and climbing the ranked ladder alongside the best Philippines MLBB pro players. While he is impressed with how effective it is, he is not fond of it.

“It’s strong but it’s annoying, I don’t think it’s weak… Obviously, it’s very strong but it’s very repetitive and boring,” said MobaZane.

Additionally, his signature heroes were no longer viable in the PH MLBB meta which made him feel annoyed as he is forced to he is yet to master. Despite this, MobaZane continues to learn and discover new and interesting playstyles which may shape the gameplay of BTK in future MLBB esports events.

Not only will he need to adjust his play style to fit the meta but the BTK captain will also need to learn the basic terms that most Filipino MLBB players use such as the five different positions and what each role means.

“I don’t know what you guys call support here. In NA [North America] we have tanks and mages,” said MobaZane.

In general MOBA terms, there are two types of support – Utility/Mage support and Tank support. Utility/Mage supports in MLBB are usually healers or mages such as Rafaela, Estes, and Floryn. Tank supports are durable heroes like Khufra, Franco, and Minotaur. However, supports in MLBB can be used in other roles, making them quite flexible.

While MobaZane thinks the MLBB meta in the Philippines is boring, this playstyle may be vital in BTK’s journey for securing an M4 World Championship slot in the future. It will be interesting to see him use what he learned from the Philippines region and apply it to his team to dominate the North American MLBB esports scene.

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