Mobile Legends Angela Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

Angela in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has seen a resurgence both esports tournaments and ranked matches due to the Healing Meta. The arrival of the Flask of the Oasis item gave a lot of utility supports the much-needed push to become viable once again. This is why a lot of players are looking to know Angela’s best build, revamped emblems, and how to properly use her abilities to support ally carries. Her ability to provide a shield and healing to the team’s Hypercarry makes her one of the highly contested supports in competitive matches.

Here is a comprehensive Angela guide in Mobile Legends, including her best build and revamped emblems.

Angela Skill in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick look at all the abilities of Angela in MLBB;

Passive: Smart Heart

Angela gains extra Movement Speed each time she casts a skill. When she’s attached to an allied hero, the Movement Speed boost is transferred to the allied hero.

Best Item Build for Angela in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended build for Angela in MLBB;

Best Emblem for Angela in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Angela in MLBB;

Best Battle Spell for Angela in Mobile Legends

Angela can make use of the following Battle Spells in MLBB;

  • Sprint – Allows you to easily chase down allies or opponents. This also gives you a temporary slow immunity.

  • Flicker – For additional escape mechanic. Not highly recommended but can be picked if you think you don’t need more Movement Speed.

  • Purify – If you are facing enemies with heavy Crowd Control effects. A lot of enemies can cancel your Ultimate ability’s channeling effect.