Mobile Legends Developers Drop Hints About Upcoming Gameplay Overhauls

The eagerly awaited Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project NEXT 2023 update is set to deliver a plethora of exciting new content in the near future. This major update, scheduled to arrive on 27th June, is expected to introduce significant changes to the game, including the highly anticipated new Talent System, which has the potential to revolutionize the meta.

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, the Mobile Legends developers provided tantalizing hints about what players can look forward to following the Project NEXT update. They shed light on their plans to implement thrilling additions to the game, encompassing heroes, items, and much more.

Why the new Talent System in Mobile Legends took so long to be released?

The developers have acknowledged that the previous iterations of the revamped Talent System were overly complex for casual players.

In their own words, the developers stated that “the system that was made previously was a little bit too complicated and we want to make sure that it’s an easy-to-use system that everybody can enjoy, we kinda simplified it even further,”

Furthermore, the developers shed light on the goals that inspired the upcoming Talent System. Given the vast number of playable heroes in the game, they recognized the need to create a flexible talent system that unlocks the untapped potential of every hero in Mobile Legends. This new system aims to provide a fresh and engaging experience for players, allowing them to explore various playstyles and strategies with their favorite heroes.

Mobile Legends Magic Potions to receive a revamp in the future

During the exclusive interview, the possibility of enhancing the late-game Magic Potions in Mobile Legends was a notable topic of discussion. These items are typically acquired by most players in the later stages of the game. However, in the professional scene, their value diminishes as many pro players prefer to save their late-game currency for item switches based on the situation at hand.

Recognizing this disparity, the developers have acknowledged the issue and expressed their commitment to improving Magic Potions in Mobile Legends. Their aim is to incentivize players to consider purchasing these potions rather than solely focusing on acquiring additional items. By enhancing the potency or introducing new strategic elements to Magic Potions, the developers aspire to make them a valuable and appealing choice for players and pros alike.

Mobile Legends Zilong revamp

Although a Zilong revamp in Mobile Legends is a part of Moonton’s plans in the future, the developers have indicated that their current focus lies primarily on other areas of the game. As a result, it is unlikely that the hero will get a revamp anytime soon, possibly not within the next three years.

Active items that increase mobility of Marksmen in Mobile Legends

When posed with the question of whether Mobile Legends would introduce new items granting marksman heroes a Dash/Flicker ability, the developers firmly responded with a resounding “NO.” Their reasoning revolves around their commitment to keeping the game accessible to players of all skill levels and maintaining simplicity as a core objective.

“It will never happen, because it will make the game very complicated and the game devs have a direction for the game which is to make it simple and better. Adding a “Flash” item will only make the game more complicated,” the devs explained.

By prioritizing simplicity, the developers aim to ensure that Mobile Legends remains enjoyable and approachable for players across all skill levels, fostering a balanced and inclusive environment for everyone.