Mobile Legends Officially Approved for Release in China

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has been officially approved to release in China. The mobile esports title will go under a new name as revealed in the report from the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA), the region’s regulatory body for video game licensing. Moonton Games, the publisher behind the hit mobile esports title has been working on getting the game approved for release in China for the past seven years. It was not until April 2023 that the game finally received its approval from the Chinese government. Moonton is yet to officially announce the release date of MLBB in China.

Mobile Legends approved for release in China

According to the official page for , one of the games that received approval for release in the region is Mobile Legends. The game is a part of the April 2023 batch under entry #57 with the Chinese name 决胜巅峰 or Juéshèng diānfēng, which roughly translates to Win the Peak. 

Changing a video game’s name for its release in China is a common occurrence. PUBG Mobile also changed its name in the Chinese version to Peacekeeper Elite (also known as Game For Peace) but maintains the core gameplay of the esports title.

Various changes to character designs may also be expected for the Chinese version of MLBB. Some of the notable changes have been shared by leakers who have access to the beta testing server for the game.

These changes were made to follow China’s very strict regulations when it comes to what can be presented in video games. For a quick glimpse of these changes, here is a video detailing some of the censorship that Moonton has to implement for its heroes on the beta testing server of MLBB China.

Given how China is one of the most competitive regions when it comes to esports, it shall be interesting to see how the MLBB esports scene develops in the region.


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