Mobile Legends Revamped Emblem Guide: All You Need to Know

The new Emblem System in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has finally arrived. This extensive update aims to enhance the gameplay experience by introducing a remarkable level of flexibility for all heroes. The revamped Emblem System in Mobile Legends brings forth a total of seven distinct categories, each tailored to specific roles, enabling players to explore diverse playstyles and execute unique strategies. Notably, one of the changes is the ability to equip any Emblem in any category, further augmenting the versatility of hero builds. Additionally, meticulous adjustments have been made to certain Emblems in Mobile Legends, while others have undergone complete transformations, all in the pursuit of achieving balance within the game.

Revamped Emblem in Mobile Legends

List of new Emblems in Mobile Legends explained

There are three slots or tiers available in each Emblem or Talent category in Mobile Legends. The first one is for the Basic Talent while the second is for the Standard Talent and the third slot is for the Core Talent.

The Core Talent or Tier 3 in Mobile Legends provides powerful unique buffs to heroes. Standard talents or Tier 2 on the other hand increase a hero’s performance in various ways. The Basic Talents or Tier 1 simply increase a hero’s stats or attributes

There are a total of seven Emblem categories in Mobile Legends. Each provides varying bonus stats known as Core Attributes depending on the role;

Basic Common Emblem


  • Hybrid Regen

  • HP (Health Points)

  • Adaptive Attack

Tank Emblem


  • HP

  • Hybrid Defense

  • HP Regen

Assassin Emblem


  • Adaptive Penetration

  • Adaptive Attack

  • Movement Speed

Mage Emblem


  • Magic Power

  • Cooldown Reduction

  • Magic Penetration

Fighter Emblem


  • Spell Vamp

  • Adaptive Attack

  • Hybrid Defense

Support Emblem


  • Healing Effect

  • Cooldown Reduction

  • Movement Speed

Marksman Emblem


  • Attack Speed

  • Adaptive Attack

  • Lifesteal

These Core Attributes increase with each level of their respective Emblem category. 

Adaptive Attack meaning in Mobile Legends

Adaptive Attack in Mobile Legends refers to an attribute that adjusts a hero’s Physical Attack if it surpasses their Magic Power, while alternatively increasing their Magic Power if it exceeds their Physical Attack.

What is Adaptive Attack in Mobile Legends?

Adaptive Penetration meaning in Mobile Legends

Adaptive Penetration in Mobile Legends dynamically enhances a hero’s Physical Penetration when their extra Physical Attack surpasses their extra Magic Power. Conversely, it boosts their Magic Penetration when it exceeds their extra Physical Attack.

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What is Adaptive Penetration in Mobile Legends?

What are Hybrid Defense and Regen in Mobile Legends?

Hybrid Defense in Mobile Legends increases both the hero’s Physical and Magical Defense. Meanwhile, Hybrid Regen increases a hero’s health and mana regeneration.

List of Core Talents (Tier 3) in Mobile Legends

  • Impure Rage – Extra Skill Damage and Restore Mana on hit.

  • Concussive Blast – AoE (Area of Effect) damage on hit based on hero HP.

  • Killing Spree – HP Regen and Movement Speed buff on kills.

  • Lethal Ignition – Extra Damage after dealing damage to a hero multiple times.

  • Brave Smite – Damage heroes with skills to regenerate HP.

  • Focusing Mark – Dealing damage to enemies enhances ally hero damage to the enemy.

  • Weakness Finder – Basic Attacks have a chance to slow enemies.

  • Quantum Charge – Basic Attacks grant HP Regen and Movement Speed buff.

List of Core Talents (Tier 3) in Mobile Legends

List of Standard Talents (Tier 2) in Mobile Legends

  • Life Drain – Minion kills grant HP Regen.

  • Seasoned Hunter – Increase damage against jungle creeps, Lord, and Turtle.

  • Tenacity – Increase Defence when below 50% HP.

  • Master Assassin – Increase Damage when there is only one enemy hero nearby.

  • Bargain Hunter – Equipment can be purchased at 95% of the original price (5% discount).

  • Festival of Blood – Gain bonus Spell Vamp for each hero kill, up to 8 stacks.

  • Pull Yourself Together – Reduces Battle Spell and Active Equipment Cooldown.

  • Weapon Master – Physical Attack and Magic Power gained from items and Emblems

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List of Standard Talents (Tier 2) in Mobile Legends

List of Basic Talents (Tier 1) in Mobile Legends

  • Thrill – Gain 16 Adaptive Attack

  • Swift – Gain 10% extra Attack Speed

  • Vitality – Gain 225 extra Max HP

  • Rupture – Gain 5 Adaptive Penetration

  • Inspire – Gain 5% extra Cooldown Reduction

  • Firmness – Gain 6 extra Physical and Magic Defense

  • Agility – Gain 5% extra Movement Speed

  • Fatal – Gain 5% extra Critical Chance and 10% Critical Damage

List of Basic Talents (Tier 1) in Mobile Legends