Mobile Legends Reveals Deathbattle Trickster’s Eve Special Edition Game Mode


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang showcases a Halloween-themed Deathbattle game mode for players to enjoy. The new game mode is called Deathbattle Trickster’s Eve Special Edition and will feature additional mechanics as well as a retextured map to fit the spooky season. The new game mode will be released on 16th October and will last until 30th Oct 2021. The Mobile Legends Deathbattle Trickster’s Eve Special Edition also has a few tricks such as free-roaming as a ghost around the map while waiting to respawn and the ability to transform into the King of Tricksters after getting enough kills in a match.

Mobile Legends’ new game mode will be a Halloween version of the Deathbattle game mode

Moonton will be delivering an exclusive Halloween game mode for the upcoming Mobile Legends Trickster’s Eve event which is scheduled to kick off on 16th October. The new game mode will last until the end of October and will feature new gameplay mechanics, and a Halloween-themed map.

In this Deathbattle game mode, players can only choose heroes from a pool of randomly selected heroes. The team that accumulates 30 kills automatically wins the match. However, players can also win by taking down their opponent’s nexus just like the normal game mode.

Here are the additional features that the Mobile Legends Deathbattle Trickster’s Eve Special Edition has to offer;

King of Tricksters

Players will acquire one candy for each kill they score. Players will lose these candies when they die. Once a player acquires enough candies, they can transform into the “King of Tricksters.” Players who transform will get a pumpkin head and a slight bonus to their base stats.

However, this power is a double-edged sword. The King of Tricksters will have to be careful as they can be seen by opponents and cannot hide. This means they can’t sneak their way into killing enemies until they die and lose the title of King of Tricksters.

New Halloween-themed map

To celebrate the festivities, the Mobile Legends Deathbattle Trickster’s Eve Special Edition will have its own map littered with spooky ornaments.

Free-roam as a ghost upon death

Players who die on the battlefield can roam around freely as harmless ghosts while waiting for their respawn timer to finish. This will be perfect for scouting areas and contributing to the team while waiting to be resurrected.

On top of the custom game mode, players can also expect a ton of mini-events in the such as the Halloween-themed nostalgia event, and the debut of the new upcoming assassin hero, Aamon.

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