Mobile Legends’ The Aspirants Anime Event: All You Need to Know

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Moonton has given a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event. The event will feature two new anime-themed skins called Layla “Miss Hikari” & Fanny “Blade of Kibou” with special Japanese voice-overs that players can toggle at will. Players can acquire these skins through a draw that will be available through the event. The Aspirants event in Mobile Legends will also give players a chance to acquire free skins and in-game collectibles such as avatar borders and sacred statues. A browser event will also be made available which also provides players with more chances to acquire free skins.

Mobile Legends The Aspirants Event Details

To celebrate the release of the new anime-themed skins, a slew of in-game events will be released, to give players a chance to acquire random free skins and in-game collectibles.

The Aspirants Event in Mobile Legends will start on 22 Jan and last until 25 Feb 2022. During the event period, the featured skins- Layla “Miss Hikari” & Fanny “Blade of Kibou” can be unlocked through a draw event.

Players can also acquire other high-tier skins through the draw event. However, The Aspirants skins will be prioritized until players have acquired both skins.

Over the duration of the event, players can get up to a 50% discount on their first draw of the day. Free draws will also be provided through event missions. More details regarding the price of each draw will be revealed at a later date.

Free Rewards in The Aspirants Event in Mobile Legends

Academy Supplies

Alongside the draw event, there will also be an event called “Academy Supplies” where players can acquire a random avatar border and a sacred statue featuring the two new skins.

Exclusive Supplies

The Exclusive Supplies event is expected to arrive on 29th Jan 2022 while the second part of the event will be released on 5th Feb 2022. Moonton is yet to provide more details regarding this. But we do know that the players who participate in the event are guaranteed to acquire free skins.

The Aspirants Browser Event

Players get a chance to win even more skins through the browser event which is scheduled to run on 16th Jan and will last until 23rd Jan 2022.

It will be interesting to see what more surprises awaits for players in the upcoming The Aspirants Event in Mobile Legends.

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