Mobile Legends The Aspirants Phase 3 Leaked Featuring Lesley and Chang’e

Mobile Legends The Aspirants Phase 3 Leaked Featuring Lesley and Chang'e

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) The Aspirants Phase 3 has been unveiled through various leaks from the advanced server of the game. The upcoming draw event will feature two new skins for the heroes Lesley and Chang’e. This skin series is considered as one of the best and a lot of players are looking forward to more heroes receiving this type of skin. More details about the MLBB The Aspirants Phase 3 event is yet to be officially announced by Moonton. However, similar to other limited-time draw events, it is likely to have two phases with each phase providing players with free tickets for a chance to win a free skin.

MLBB The Aspirants Phase 3 details

According to the data miner, Kazuki Official, two new heroes, Layla and Chang’e, will be receiving the new set of The Aspirants skins in MLBB. The leaks came from the recent update in the Mobile Legends advanced server, providing a sneak peak into what to expect in the upcoming draw event.

According to the leaker, the upcoming MLBB The Aspirants event will be divided into two phases. Various side-events will also be released which are tied to the main event where players can get free tickets to use for a chance to win a skin from the draw event.

Players can enjoy various discounts and perks throughout the event period such as the once-a-day x1 and 10x draw 50% discount as well as a guaranteed Epic or higher skin on your first 10 draws. 

Drawing from the event will also give players Orb of Hopes which can also be used to open special boxes that contain limited-edition skins. These boxes will prioritize any of the two new The Aspirants skins you don’t own yet.

The MLBB The Aspirants event release date is currently under wraps. Yet, with speculation surrounding the Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan collaboration event arriving on 31st January, it’s anticipated that the mecha-themed event might follow after the conclusion of the anime collaboration event. 

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