Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

Due to the recent changes in his Ultimate ability, Tigreal has become a meta pick in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The hero has been ignored by a lot of competitive players for quite a while now in favor of other Tanks that can provide more for the team. However, with the recent changes, providing a stunning effect to enemies within his Ultimate ability’s range, Tigreal is now being used even in professional play. This hero is also one of the easiest heroes to use in MLBB due to his straightforward gameplay as a roamer.

Here is a comprehensive Tigreal Guide in Mobile Legends, including his best build and revamped emblems.

Tigreal skill in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick look at all the abilities of Tigreal in MLBB;

Passive: Fearless

Tigreal gains a stack of Fearless each time he casts skills or is hit by a Basic Attack (excluding minions). After getting 4 stacks, Tigreal will consume all Fearless stacks to block the next incoming Basic Attack (including turrets).

Skill 1: Attack Wave

Tigreal smashes the ground with his hammer and sends a shockwave forward that erupts 3 times, each time dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the fan-shaped area and slowing them.

Best Item Build for Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended build for Tigreal in MLBB;

Best Emblem for Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Tigreal in MLBB;