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Modern Warfare 2 Brings Major Changes With Launch Update, Warzone 2 to Reportedly Get New Resurgence Map as Infinity Ward Issues a Warning


Modern Warfare 2 sees major changes to multiplayer ahead of its release. Taking feedback from the beta, players can now spot enemies easily as diamond icons will appear above their heads on the battlefield. Lighting and contrast have been improved so that players can see enemies in-game better.

Moving on to audio, the game has reduced the volume of the enemy footsteps. The same goes for teammate footsteps as well, which will be quieter. The in-world activation sound effect volume range for the Dead Silence field upgrade has also been reduced.

Aiming down sights will stay in third-person POV for low-zoom optics. Only high-zoom optics that begin with the ACOG and higher and special optics such as Hybrids and Thermals will revert to first-person POV. Infinity Ward believes that this will keep the game balanced and enhance the third-person experience. The company has explained that the feedback on this mode has been very positive.

The company is also working on weapons and UI. Movements like slide, ledge hang, and dive have been refined, and some movement exploits have been addressed. Lobby disbandment between matches should be rare as the company has implemented some changes and would test this.

As the game goes live, Infinity Ward has warned against changing the console’s region setting to access Modern Warfare 2 early. The company said players who do this “will experience connectivity issues and may be locked out of the game until the official launch time of your region.” The game will release on midnight if you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox consoles. As for PC, the game releases on October 28, 9:30 AM IST. If you are going to grab the physical version of the game, you should know that the disc only contains 70MB of data in it. This means you essentially have to download as much data as someone who opts for a digital purchase of the game.

A user recently posted images of the physical copy of the game, which said that the game includes “Call of Duty HQ”. The feature was a part of CoD: World War II, which was a social space where 48 players could gather when not in an online match.

Warzone 2 could get a new Resurgence map

Call of Duty leaker TheGhostofHope says that Warzone 2 could get a new resurgence map in 2023. The leaker states that Beenox and Toys for Bob will develop the map:

“EXCLUSIVE: Beenox & Toys for Bob to develop a Resurgence Map for Warzone 2.0 set to release in Mid 2023. Infinity Ward & Raven to help direct it with Infinity Ward leading the narrative & Raven consulting on gameplay ideas.”

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